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Way Back When

For almost my entire life, I have loved television. As a child, I remember Saturday morning cartoons to be such an excitement, and for me, certainly more eventful than those Saturday morning baseball practices. As I grew older, the interest I had in television never wore off, and I became sure the world of TV, in some aspect, would be the career I would find myself in. However, as I look back on my childhood, I realize in what truly made me fall in love with fictional stories: comic books.

Comic Book Nerd

From an early age until I was entering high school, I was a full fledged comic book nerd, and couldn’t even deny it. Superhero comics, in particular, fascinated me in the stories and adventures created for these heroes. Overall, I think it was the escape of reality get-into-comic-books_800_500_81_s.jpgthese stories delivered for me that was what truly made me fall in love with them. It was like entering a different world, having a birds eye view into everything this world had to offer, and being able to see these “people,” but rather super heroes, accomplish unimaginable feats. To this day, I own hundreds of classic comic books, and while I will probably one day sell them all to get a (hopefully) hefty price, I know it’ll hard to say goodbye to the best pieces of my childhood.

New Life Directions

Flash forward to 2013. High school is coming to an end, and the all-important college decisions are upon myself and my friends. High school gave me some great years filled with people I am still lucky enough to call my best friends to this day. But my focus had

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High School Graduation 2014

to be on myself, and the direction I wanted to go in life. Being 18 and making life decisions isn’t exactly the easiest, as probably most 18 year olds would say. However, truth be told, I didn’t significantly struggle with this decision. I still knew that my passion for television was the path I wanted to follow, and so being a Communications major seemed like a natural fit. Going a plane-ride away wasn’t even in consideration for me, as I preferred to attend a school only a few hour drive away. It all came down to two schools for me: Quinnipiac University and Sacred Heart University. Both in Connecticut, and both great schools, so it seemed to me. in December of 2013, I made the final decision I would be attending Quinnipiac the next fall, and what an excitement it was for me. Oh how did things not go as planned…

A Bump In The Road

From the first night I moved in, I struggled at college. For some reason, I just could not get my footing. I felt homesick, but why? I was fine with actually being away from my family, and I actually enjoyed the experience of living away and learning to do things on my own. I was beginning my studies as a Communications major, which is what I had wanted to pursue since I was young. Finding close friends at Quinnipiac was one of my main struggles, and after coming from a high school where I made friends for life, this was a true culture shock for me.

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Some things just don’t work out…

Many nights of mine were spent (admittedly) crying myself to sleep at night, wanting to just leave the school. My family was incredibly supportive, but I knew my happiness in life was fading away. I needed to make a change, because things just weren’t working. So after my first semester, I immediately looked back into Sacred Heart University, the other school I had looked into going to. I had friends from home there, and in my gut felt like things could work out there. I reapplied, got reaccepted, and this time, put my future in the hands of Sacred Heart. I would be transferring there for my Sophomore Year, a decision that came with much thought. And what a great decision it was.

The Heart Wins

From the beginning of my time as a transfer, I felt completely at home at Sacred Heart. Things were just so much better. I felt a million times more comfortable, didn’t miss home for a second, (sorry mom and dad!) and was lucky enough to become best friends with the girls living next-door to me, who remain some of my best friends today. Unknown.pngEverything was going well, and I regained my happiness I felt like I lost the past year. I was continuing as a Communications major, and enjoying all the classes I was taking. But another change was potentially coming for me: my interest in studying abroad. I had always had an interest in studying abroad after seeing my sister experience in during her college years, and after learning SHU had a program in Rome, I decided I would be off to a different place for the third Fall in a row. I was accepted to John Cabot University in Rome, Italy for the Fall 2016 semester. In August I ventured onto a plane for what people were saying would be the adventure of a lifetime. And an adventure, it was…

Rome is Home

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Paragliding in Switzerland

Of the life I’ve lived so far, I can without question say the 4 months I sept living in Rome, Italy were the best days of my life. The immaculate culture, breathtaking historical monuments, and, of course, incredible food were just some of the many elements that made it a true experience of a lifetime. I made some amazing new friends, all of whom attended Sacred Heart like me but I just hadn’t met yet. Together, we formed a group that sat down together to plan out our trips for the 4 months. Naturally, I took a leadership role, something I just cant help myself from doing! By the end of the 4 months, I had traveled to 10 other different countries with my friends- Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Ireland. Those memories filled with countless laughs and adventures remain in my head and heart forever, and I’m eternally grateful for that.

Santorini, Greece

The Intern Life 

After my return abroad, I knew my focus had to be on gaining more professional experience, seeing as as I only had three semesters of my college career left. After I finished my junior year in May 2017, I received offers for two different internships that summer, each two days a week, thus allowing myself to do both. One was a Casting Intern at Bray Entertainment in Hoboken, New Jersey, and the second was an intern for a Talent Agent at Framework Entertainment in New York City. I spent the summer of 2017 doing both those internships, either of which were paid-certainly not fun! And while these internships weren’t shining moments in my life, the lesson of starting from the bottom was what I really took from them. I knew jumping into a great career wasn’t a possibility without taking time working my way up. And so I did, that whole summer, for not a penny in return. But It was worth it all when it added to my resume, seemingly enough to get me a dream internship in January of 2018: TV Guide Magazine.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 2.59.43 PM
Red Carpet Meeting NPH

Now, as a TV lover, this was such an exciting opportunity for me. I felt like I was a great fit for the job, and from January to May 2018, I enjoyed the best point of my career life thus far. I loved my time at TV Guide, and was lucky enough to write pieces for both the magazine and website, and even attending a red carpet, where I got to meet the incredible (and very friendly!) Neil Patrick Harris. By the end of the internship, I felt I had gained so much experience, just in time to graduate college the next week! My college years were officially behind me, and despite struggles the first year, I finished the four year experience completely content emotionally, socially, spiritually, and professionally. Everything had come together.


The Unemployment Life

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 3.07.08 PM
Let the real world begin…

Today as I am writing this, 5 months since graduation and my time at TV Guide, I remain without a job. To say it is frustrating is an understatement. Spending so much time applying to countless jobs and contacting people with potential connections, only for nothing to come through, can certainly drain one’s motivation. I’ve had days where, while I am still applying, I can’t help but think that I don’t know when my future is going to improve. Will I finally get an employer email next week? Next year? The questions of my future are what scares me the most. But to waste life away waiting for something to happen isn’t success. It’s making things happen.

A Blog, A Podcast, and a Future

A New Adventure

Blogging and podcasting have both been things I wanted to pursue in my professional life. In addition to my knowledge and passion of television and pop culture, I have always been told of having an outgoing and friendly personality. As I have ventured further into my life, my interests in being in front of the camera (or microphone) has grown. As I sit here writing this, I can say my dream job would be a talk show host. That is something I would have been terrified to do years ago. But as my career will hopefully blossom, I hope my personality can follow the same path, and who I am as a person and the passions I have had since a child can become one. This blog and my podcast, Unemployed and Unfiltered, are the things I need to make happen to let that future of mine blossom. Anything is possible, and following your passions can make that little thing called a “Dream” so that much closer. That is what I hope in my life. and I look forward to all the future times I add to this “About” page regarding new experiences, life lessons, and hopefully that thing called a dream being my reality you can read, listen to, and maybe even one day watch.

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