This Is Us Season 3 Predictions

When it comes to NBC’s This Is Us, we can almost always expect each episode comes at the cost of a box of tissues. Through two seasons, the show has continued to take us on the emotional rollercoaster the character’s face, and has cemented itself (in my opinion) as one of the best shows currently on television. And along with tons of emotion, the show delivers great cliffhangers, and this was certainly the case in the season two finale that aired on March 13th. While the finale saw a lot of happy moments during the wedding of Kate Pearson and Toby Damon, they also teased us on what’s to come, by showing several flash forwards of the character’s lives. So, what did these quick flash forwards mean for the Pearson family? We were certainly left with questions, and with answers not coming until September, all we can do now is predict.

Kevin’s Flash forward: Why is he going to Vietnam?

When the season came to an end, Kevin finally managed to cope with his father’s death, make amends with his mother, and seemingly beat his alcoholism, despite losing his love Sophie. One year later, we get a quick glimpse into Kevin’s life. He is on a plane heading for Vietnam, holding a photograph of his father, who had fought this-is-us1.jpgin the war there. Sitting next to him- Zoe, his apparent new love interest, and the cousin of his sister-in law Beth. Now that certainly makes things a bit…messy, but also quite interesting, but that is nothing new for Kevin Pearson. So, the question poses: why is Kevin going to Vietnam? We can assume it involves wanting to learn more about his father’s past, but what is doing once he arrives there. And how exactly did Kevin and Zoe end up as a couple, and what are Randall and Beth’s reactions. I don’t doubt this will all be explored quickly into season three, and if there’s anything we can count on with Kevin Pearson, it will all involve plenty of drama.

Kate’s Flash forward: What’s wrong with Toby?

Season two finale gave us arguably Kate’s happiest hour the entire series, as she finally wed the love of her life and, like Kevin, mended any issues she had with her mother…for now. However, one year into the future, things aren’t looking great for the newly married couple. Toby is bed ridden, and Kate talks to him about his tmp_KsKLUX_eb577f7ceebff76e_NUP_181163_2587.JPGmedication. Although it is not revealed what Toby is sick with, a conversation during the finale between Toby and his parents has us assuming it is depression, which he suffered from after his first divorce. But is that too obvious? With Toby being such a beloved character, fans like myself are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Get your tissues ready people!

Randall’s Flash forward: Who is “Her?”

Randall’s flash forward, which is set ten years in the future, gave us the biggest cliffhanger of all. He is with an adult Tess, who now works as a social worker, and they are both clearly nervous and apprehensive about going to see “her.” This set fans in a tailspin, and most are predicting something happened to Beth, who is one nup_179168_3630_wide-e48b2db7d97d2e7dff7b7c98943dbfbea7368469-s900-c85.jpgof the most popular characters on the show. Could she be in a coma, or sick? Or is it either Deja or Annie? Or Rebecca?? It could really be any of them, or maybe even someone we don’t know yet. But if there is one thing for sure, all our hearts will be broken if something has happened to Beth. And with the way This Is Us breaks our hearts, that could be exactly what they have planned.

With the Big Three in all different predicaments, season three will be sure to give us more struggles, laughs, tears, and another rollercoaster adventure of a season, and I’m more than prepared to be buckled up for round three.


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