Assessing the Celebrity Big Brother Cast

During the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, the very anticipated Celebrity version of Big Brother’s cast was finally announced. And while the rumor mill was constant for the past few months on who would actually be cast, the finalized group came as a surprise to most fans. So, how will these 11 celebrities fair locked in the big brother house competing against each other, with constant video surveillance on them? I make my assessments on the cast and predictions as to how each celeb will do

  1. 1517193133162.jpg

    Arguably the most infamous name on this cast, Omarosa goes from the White House to the Big Brother house. With her rise to fame coming from The Apprentice, her relationship with Donald Trump lead to her working on his staff. However, she was recently fired, although she and the White House each have two different stories to tell on that situation. Her reputation as a reality TV villain makes her a perfect fit for this cast, and probably the most anticipated cast mate. However, she could quickly find a target on her back for her reputation alone, not to mention how long it takes for her to get into it with someone, particularly our Housewife on the cast. While I think Omarosa will without question bring the drama, I don’t see her being around long enough. Just like her stay in the White House, I predict her Big Brother exit to be the same: quick and controversial.

    James Maslow

    2. While not a particular well-known celebrity, this Big Time Rush star has experience on reality TV: James placed 4th on season 18 of Dancing With the Stars. While James will certainly have a lot of young female fans, his lack of notoriety could actually help him in the house. I could see him making good relationships and not making any waves: which is something crucial to make it deep in the game. I predict we see him with a final five or four finish, similar to his stint of DWTS.

Ariadna Guttierez

3. This Columbian beauty pageant titleholder is best known for mistakingly being named Miss Universe by Steve Harvey back in 2015. Now, Ariadna is hoping there are no mixups with winner announcements as she battles to win the title of Big Brother winner. Having been publicly humiliated, Ariadna should be prepared tohandle the confines of being surveillance 24/7. However, I predict her other houseguests may find her to be an easy target in the early weeks, and that she could be in for an early exit.

Chuck Liddell

4. Chuck should be in it to win it. After all, as an UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, he is no stranger to competing, and winning. Any physical competition should be his to lose, which could make him a target by his other houseguests. Chuck needs to rely on strong social and strategic skills to make it deep, as physical strength can not win him the game alone. While I think he will get multiple competition wins under his belt, I predict him to be the fourth or fifth celebrity that departs the house.

keshia-knight-pullman.jpg              5. A former Huxtable family member is in the big brother house! Keshia is best know n for her portrayal of Rudy Huxtable in The Cosby Show. Meaning, we could probably expect some talk of the Bill Cosby scandal on the live feeds. But will Keshia fair better on Big Brother than she did on Celebrity Apprentice, where she was the first person fired? She seems to be a pretty even-keeled personality, and that should help her get through the first few evictions at least. However, I don’t have the hopes that she knows the game well enough to make formidable alliances and play strategically. I expect her to land in a mid-placement finish.

Mark McGrath

6. Previously the lead singer of band Sugar Ray, Mark has booked his next gig as a big
brother houseguest. He also, like many others on this cast, has experience on Celebrity Apprentice. He seems to be a pretty likable guy, and could do well in the strategy and social aspect of the game. I could easily see him going to the distance in this game.


Marissa Jaret Winokur

7. Having won a Tony, Marissa knows what it’s like to win big, and she’s hoping she can earn the same results in the big brother house. In addition to broadway, she has appeared on many different shows and even hosted season 1 of The Talk alongside Big Brother’s own Julie Chen. She also has a DWTS stint under her belt. I could see Marissa doing well, as she seems like someone that can handle people and knows enough about the game. I expect that we see her sticking around for a while.


Ross Matthews

8. If there’s anyone that has plenty of experience with fellow celebrities, it’s Ross. As the former Tonight Show intern, Ross has worked for E! News, Hollywood Today Live, and has even judged on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Ross is heading into this house with a likely stellar social game, and should be able to get along with just about anyone. However, that could also be his demise, as he could be looked at as one of the biggest threats in the house. I suspect he’ll last a while but may fall short of the finals due to his perceived threat status.

Brandi-Glanville-Real-Mr.-Housewife-e1516401022554.jpg9. If there’s ever a need for drama in a reality show, then casting a real housewife is one way to make it happen. And Brandi is no stranger to drama during her run on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, making it to the final four. So will she fare the same in the big brother house? It’s not far fetched to see a fight between her and Omarosa on the horizon, and I know that’s something all viewers are hoping for. I predict brandi’s notoriety for being involved in drama may make her a quick target, but if she plays her social game correctly, she could have the potential to do better than people think.

Metta World Peace

10. While he entered the spotlight as a successful basketball player, Ron, who now goes by Metta World Peace, may be best remembered for his controversial behavior on the court. At one point, he attacked a fan in the stands and was suspended for the rest of the season. Considering the strict rules against violence in the house, Metta shouldn’t expect to be throwing punches in the house, but his nice act that he has displayed lately could earn him some allies in the house. However, if he displays his aggressive behavior in the house again, he could find himself in for an early departure.


Shannon Elizabeth

11. Rounding out the cast is actress Shannon Elizabeth, best known for her appearances in American Pie and Scary Movie. In addition, she is a self described big brother superfine, and that should work to her advantage in the house. I don’t see her being an instant target, and she seems like someone that could get along with anyone. I predict Shannon to be one of the last houseguests standing.


Overall, I think this is a solid cast of people that will bring drama and also people that may know the game. While clearly this isn’t A list celebrities, I think it is foolish to think that caliber of people would be doing this show. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to a month of drama and addiction into my favorite show.


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