Why “Justice League” Didn’t Save The Day


With a film with as much anticipation as Justice League had, the bar was set incredibly high. With an all star cast of  some of the biggest names in DC Comics, Justice League was poised to be a huge success. However, while the heroes themselves saved the day, the film failed to do so in its overall storyline. From the beginning, the introduction of each of the heroes seemed to be very confusing, and without any connective tissues. While It is clear they are all apart of the same team, the backstories of several characters, such as Aquaman and Cyborg, are hardly discussed. Instead, the movie just quickly throws together a few extra superheroes to play secondary characters to standouts Batman and Wonder Woman. When it comes to Superman, the film basically uses the film itself as giphy-14.gifan excuse to bring him back to life. Once done so, his battle against the other heroes is basically a way to get him in action quickly, despite the completely random turn of events, something that seemed to happen consistently throughout the movie. In fact, the first hour of the movie was arguably torturous to get through, with almost no plot development, and the characters remaining completely stale.

Along with great heroes, every great superhero film needs a great villain. In this one, this villain failed miserably. The CGI-created Alien delivered us a boring backstory with no emotional attachment. Any great villain needs to be connected to by the viewers in some aspect, and in the case of the alien who shouldn’t even be named, that was near impossible. I mean, the heroes were literally fighting against flying…something. Does that really make for a good story? Iconic villains like Lex Luthor, Brainiac and Deathstroke could have easily been utilized, but instead this becomes another film featuring “a bunch of superheroes fighting against some alien.” And with a slacking villain, you have a 9Myyl4pYD5xD2.gifslacking story.

If there’s anything this film has going for it, it’s the action and the iconic superheroes. This film certainly puts the heroes’ talents in the forefront, with epic action scenes from beginning to end. If you want to watch a film of DC Comics Icons like Wonder Woman and Batman kicking ass, then this may be the film for you. However, the complete lack of plot development and zero emotion make it almost a zombie film. A film can’t just rely on action, and this one certainly tries.

Coming off the heels off the successful Wonder Woman film earlier this year, Justice League sends the DC Universe in the wrong direction. With the disasters that were Superman vs Batman and Suicide Squad, DC delivers yet another less than satisfying film with so much potential. With its main competitor being Marvel, Justice League delivers another loss for the DC side in the battle between these two juggernaut franchises. However, hope may still live on for the DC Universe. With Wonder Woman having kept hope alive, there is still a chance for this train to get back on track. While Justice League certainly proved to be a letdown in almost every aspect, true fans should stay optimistic for the future. This film may not have won the battle, but that doesn’t mean a future film can’t win the war.


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