Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Finale Review


In its 13th season, (yes, thirteen!) Greys Anatomy brought us an explosive way to end the season. As we know from prior season finales, events like the shooting, plane crashe and superstorms have taken the lives of our doctors. This time, a raging fire puts the life of Dr. Stephanie Edwards at risk. After setting an attacker ablaze, the man falls toward the gas tank, exploding in front of Edwards and a little girl, and badly damaging the entire floor of the hospital. The episode follows Stephanie battling to save the lives of both herself and the little girl. Meanwhile, Chief of Surgery Miranda Bailey orders a mass evacuation of the entire hospital. Stephanie nurses the little girls burns, and carries her towards the roof of the hospital. However, they find the door is locked, and Stephanie is forced to venture back into the flames to retrieve her key card. She is successful, and they manage to make way onto the roof. The little girl passes out, and Stephanie desperately tries to revive her via CPR. Luckily, a firefighter team arrives just in time, greys-anatomy-finale.jpgrescuing both girls from near death. In the aftermath, Stephanie is badly burned, but alive, and tells Richard Webber she is quitting the program to be able to go out and live her life. The second storyline of the episode followed Amelia and Owen, who found out that Owens long lost sister was in fact alive. Owen finds himself nervous and hallucinating over what to say once reunited with his sister. This also affects Meredith, who’s currently relationship with Nathan is now at risk, due to Nathan and Owen sister Megan’s romantic past. At the end of the episode, Meredith tells Nathan Megan is alive, who is shocked. While obviously difficult for her to do so, Meredith tells Owen to leave her and go be with Megan, saying “if it were Derek, I’d already be gone.” The episode and season closes with Owen and Amelia waiting at the helicopter arrival, carrying Megan.

I found a lot of cinematography elements to be important in the development of this episode. Camera movement and angles are a recurring theme throughout the episode. For example, when Chief Bailey is speaking to the hospital, the camera angle is a high one, to give us the view of the whole hospital from below during Baileys speech. Camera movements often follow the walking and running of the characters. For example, when Jackson is running through the hospital searching for Stephanie, the camera is displaying a tracking camera movement. The camera will often follow the doctors walking through the halls, especially when there is a one on one conversation. During the initial fire scenes with Stephanie, a planning shot is used to show the fire burning across the screen, and Stephanie passed out. The episode is also successful at continuity via editing. greys-anatomy-season-13-episode-24-ellen-pompeo-martin-henderson.pngMeaning, transitions among scenes are not obviously apparent, and keep the flow of the scenes going without confusion. Finally, music plays an important role in the episode. At the end, when Meredith is sadly telling Nathan his ex is alive and to go be with her, a slow song “Dancing on my own” plays. The song goes well with the heartfelt conversation occurring, and makes it more emotional and dramatic for viewers.

I found this episode to be a perfect combination of thrilling action and investing emotion to end the season. The fire and Stephanie served as the main action of the episode, and left us concerned if she would end up surviving the day. It was surely relieving to see her survive, but disappointing to see that she will be leaving the show. You will be missed, Stephanie. If there was ever an episode to have as your last, tonight was the night. The realization that Megan was alive has set up for what is to come in season 14. Meredith had finally found someone she had feelings for since Derek died. To see that potentially ending broke my heart, as well as I’m sure most viewers. Mer can’t catch a break, but we find ourselves nonetheless still rooting for her. I rooted for her and Derek for 11 season, and heading into season 14, I’ll be rooting for her and Nathan so she can finally earn the happiness she deserves.



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