Once Upon a Time Season 1 Overview

Once_Upon_a_Time_title_cardImagine the fairy tale stories you read as a child being in real life? Well, in the television show¬†Once Upon a Time, a magical curse brings your favorite fairy tale characters to our world. The heroic Snow White and Prince Charming suddenly find themselves as everyday people. The show explores the characters lives in the real world, and how the action doesn’t disappear for them despite being “normal.” In flashbacks, we explore their lives in the Enchanted Forest, before the Evil Queen cast the curse on all the fairy tale world. But arguably the most important person in the whole series is one woman: Emma Swann. An everyday woman living in Boston, her life is turned upside down when on her 28th birthday, her son she gave up after birth surprises her at her front doorstep. Her son, Henry, drops a bombshell: Emma is “the savior” of the curse fairy tal1PromoGroup2.jpge characters, and she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. While it takes much convincing, Henry and Emma embark on their journey to Storybrooke, the town all the curse fairy tale characters live in. Things get even more complicated when it is revealed Henry’s adoptive mother is Regina, The Evil Queen responsible for the curse and mortal enemy of Emma’s mother, Snow. The season explores the relationships in Storybrooke, and Henry’s mission to get Emma to believe him so she can break the curse. Other characters explored include the manipulative Mr Gold, aka Rumplestiltskin, who is responsible for getting the Evil Queen to cast the curse so he could be reunited with his son who he abandoned to “a land without magic.” As the season progresses, Emma begins to come closer to believing, but it is when her son’s life is in jeopardy that she and Regina put aside their differences to join together and save Henry’s life. The journey of each of the fairy tale characters makes this show one I would absolutely recommend, and will leave you addicted from the season premiere on.


Favorite Character: Regina/The Evil Queen- Lana Parilla does a suburb job at portraying the Evil Queen. While seemingly full evil, her backstory gives her a time when she was good, and explores the reasons she turned evil. While responsible for so much evil, I can’t help but still love Regina and find myself rooting for her to find her redemption.

Favorite Episode: ¬†1×22 “A Land Without Magic”- all the action from this season comes to a head in the finale, as Emma and Regina put aside their differences to work together to save Henry. However, like everything in the show, there is a hidden plot by Rumplestiltstkin, and the ending result changes the “Land Without Magic” and the characters forever.

Favorite Moment- Emma breaks the curse- it was the the moment we were waiting for all season, but in the finale, Emma finally believes in Henry and breaks the evil curse. The relationship between mother and son was one of the most important all season, and to see Emma crying over Henry’s apparent dead body and finally believe in him with a kiss was enlightening for fans. And just like that, the curse was broken, and Emma had fulfilled her legacy as the savior. It was the moment we had been waiting for, and certainly my personal favorite of the whole season.



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