Survivor Episodes 1-3 Analysis

3 episodes into my personaSurvivor_35_Logol favorite television show, Survivor has brought a whole new theme to this season. This season, the 18 castaways are split into 3 tribes, based on qualities they exhibit in real life. The Heroes consist of people that live theirlife in heroic ways, often a profession of saving others. The Healers consists of the people that live their life to help and cure people. Finally, The Hustlers consist of people that live their life with aggressiveness and tenacity. 3 episodes in thus far, 3 people have been voted out, alliances have been created and broken, and a tribe swap is already on the horizon. So who of the remaining 15 has the best chance, and how will the relationships created thus far affect the future? Lets take a look at each of the 3 tribes and their stories during the first 3 episodes.


Back: Ben, Alan, JP Front: Chrissy, Ashley, Katrina

Upon landing upon the beach, an alliance among the Heroes tribe had quickly developed. Alan, JP, Ashley and Ben quickly formed an alliance of 4, with Chrissy and Katrina on the outs. At the first tribal council, Katrina was unanimously voted out. However, this alliance has not stayed strong. There has been a lot of fighting, particularly between Alan against Ashley and JP, who he identified as a power couple. Chrissy meanwhile, has created a strong duo with Ben. The two seem to have a good handle on the game, and have discussed the different options they have in the tribe of who they can work with and who they can eliminated. With a tribe swap coming up, Chrissy and Ben seem to be the strongest alliance within this tribe. Alan’s aggressive behavior could easily make him a target. Ashley and JP, meanwhile, could potentially be targeted due to being perceived as a couple. Of this tribe, Chrissy and Ben is who I would put money on.


Thus far, the Hustlers tribe has struggled the most, losing 2 out of 3 immunity challenges. The strongest duo out of the gate on this tribe has been Ryan and Devon. Ali, meanwhile, has created close relationships with both the men, and has showed savvy game skills. Off the bat, it was clear Simone was a fish out of water, and instantly became a target.

Back: Devon, Patrick, Ali Front: Lauren, Ryan, Simone

However, Patrick’s outlandish behavior also made him a target. After losing back to back challenges, the tribe opted to eliminate both Simone and Patrick for being the social outsiders. Now, with only Ryan, Devon, Ali and Lauren left, the tribe is in danger in a swap situation as they are down numbers. However, if they can create the right relationships and find the right cracks, all 4 could potentially survive till the merge. Of this group, my money would be on Ryan and Ali to go far, due to their knowledge of the game and strong social skills.


Of the 3 tribes, the Healers have been the most successful so far, winning all 3 challenges. However, that has not been without drama. Joe has been an aggressive player, target Mike early on and successfully finding a Hidden Immunity Idol. However, his partner in finding the Idol, Cole, may just be his downfall. Cole has found himself in a showmance

Back:Cole, Jessica, Roark Front:Joe, Mike, Desi

with Jessica, and has revealed to her Joe has an idol. The two have discussed potentially targeting Joe, trying to get fellow tribemates Roark and Desi on board. With all 6 members reaching the swap, the Healers have the biggest advantage, as they have the numbers advantage. However, the cracks within the tribe may be what causes them to fracture. Of this group of 6, I would bet on Roark and Jessica to do the best.


With a tribe swap coming up, it is near impossible to predict what is going to happen. However, I do feel strongly about which players I think can go far. Of the 6 I named, I am going to pick Chrissy as my official winner pick. She seems to be a very sharp woman, and can probably fly under the radar for the time being. As far as the next biggest targets, I could see Alan, Cole, Ashley, and Joe in danger of going home. Looking forward to what happens in the coming weeks!





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